Big words do not make you clever

OK, I know I said I wouldn’t write for a while, but I’m so incensed I just had to.

The word ‘Quotidian’ is not one I had come across before and I’m now very annoyed as I had to look it up. That, dear reader, does not happen to me all that often as even if I don’t know a word I can normally puzzle it out from the context.

Why oh why oh why could the author of the paper I’m currently struggling through not just have used a word that means something to the 90+ % of the population not educated past degree level?

Rant over,

girl out.

Oh my, what has Cas done?

‘Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!’

Well thanks to Cas I have a blog. I won’t be able to say much for a while as I’m currently finishing my dissertation for an MSc in Computing and Archaeology. (no, they don’t seem logical topics to combine, but it works, trust me on this one). I’ll explain all in later posts, I promise.

Right now I have to go and read incomprehensible texts about spatial statistics…