Quick Question:

If I take photo’s of you and you know I flickr, etc, would you expect me to ask before I put them up? I’m talking of group shots here, not portraits as such…

For example, images from ArchCamp 2 or from the UKM weekender?

I’m new to the blogging/social computing thing (as an active participant) and I’m not sure of the ettiquette…. The pictures usually go online somewhere, for both events, but on flickr? And when I’m actively encouraging people to look at them via this blog and other internet-media? Across unrelated groups?

Thoughts please, o few and far between readers!

One thought on “Quick Question:

  1. It’s a slightly grey area.

    Personally I try and make sure the first time I’m going to post a picture of someone, I ask if it is ok – or if I’m taking pictures at an event like ArchCamp I say “any objections to these going online?” It’s just polite.

    In group shots though, you’ve got to consider that half of the people won’t be clearly identifiable (especially if you don’t go – this is Pete, this is Bob, this is Cas…)

    Just follow the general rule of “would I like it if this was a picture of me online?” and if someone complains, take their picture down/blur them out.

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