The Eagle has landed….


Yours truly is now the proud owner of a Samsung R40 with lots of lovely RAM and sans Vista!

Thanks to the parent units are in order and so it has duly been given the moniker my Mother wished she had been given.

Clarissa. That’s correct folks. The new laptop is called Clarissa šŸ™‚

Problem is I don’t have a laptop bag (I have one that fits but the padding in too small)… Methinks this is a good excuse reason (ahem) to poke Cas and get her to remind me where she found the fluffy laptop covers, ’cause then it can go in the existing bag that I’m pleased with and not get scratched and bumped!

I so promised you all an update and I will get down to writing properly today or tomorrow but right now I have soo much surfing to catch up on!

(I have already put Caesar IV on it… how addicted am i?)

Happy Neko, signing off on her very own, shiny, lovely machine!

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