Spring seems to have sprung

I spent today in a field, which was nice!

Seriously- the sun was out but there was this low haze all day that kept it nice and cool and fresh feeling, the bumblebees have started to come out. We saw Buzzards circling on the the thermals and spent the day surveying the site of a Deserted Medieval Village.

It was just one day teaching some undergrads (and learning some new equipment for me too) but it reminded me why I’m doing the PhD and why I love Archaeology so much.

Sure there are horrible days in the cold and wet, but days like today make up for it.

Other critters and such seen:

Many many spiders
Daffodils, primroses and speedwell
cool bugs of many varieties- little beetles, larvae of ladybrids, shiny beetles, a tiny money spider on my bag at lunch
Seagulls of some kind (we were a way inland!)
a flock of what I can only assume were some kind of migratory water birds (egrets maybe?)
two horses, some donkeys and lots of baby sheep 🙂

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