Friday 6th

The only session left was the rest of the one on standards. I really enjoyed this session, as though while not directly relevant to my research, I think the things we discussed are important to all research, and need to be considered by all practitioners of archaeology. There were some really good discussions and it was the session with the most discussion and participation by the audience that I attended. I was particularly interested in the current focus on user generated linking and tagging within archaeological databases, and discussions around interoperability. It seemed a lot of what was being talked about is linked to the web 2.0 thing (how I hate that term!), and I think we might have radically rethink our ideas about knowledge, usefulness and categorisation. It’s one of the reasons I like being involved in Antiquist– we are trying this stuff out and playing with it, but to a serious purpose; seeing if we can find better ways of doing archaeology. I’m glad other people are thinking about this and engaging with it as well.


After the last paper and some quick farewells, Mark D and I headed off into the city for one last sight-seeing trip before I had to head to the airport.


We enjoyed some really nice takeout and strolled slowly from West Berlin to East Berlin via Check Point Charlie. I’ve already talked about this part here and here.


I made it to the flight with a much more sensible one hour wait to take off and was back home by 8pm!

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