Welsh Wales

OK, in my defence….

there isn’t one really. About a fortnight ago I promised to write up some conferences and tell you all my thrilling adventures. Sorry, hasn’t happened and isn’t likely to for a while; I’m snowed under with PhD stuff at the moment. 😦

Good snowed under- last week I was in Wales being put up by Geoff Wainwright (!) (I wonder how many of you are bad enough archaeology geeks to get how cool that is!), working on one of his projects (looking at the quarry site and associated landscape of the bluestones from Stonehenge) that will also be one of my case studies…

We got good data ( I think- processing is needed), and it was good to be back in the field but the weather was evil and the company so good I didn’t have time to do the writing I promised in my previous post. I also have a big milestone coming up on the PhD- my initial review, where my research design for the whole PhD goes before the school committee and gets approved (or not!) so I might not have anything much to say for a while….

At least not any great, link-rich content for you all to have fun with- I’ll try to keep you posted though.

I updated my Flickr pics- follow the links- you can see what I got up to in Wales and also some earlier photo’s from an experimental iron smelt I was lucky enough to attend and assist with.

‘Till the work is done,

Neko out…

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