On identity

Cas, over at Brightmeadow has posted today about an idea we have been bandying about, about the nature of identity and authority online, particularly with reference to wiki’s.

I strongly urge anyone interested in this to go read her post, here, and then follow her links and read some of the reference articles as well.

I totally agree with her on this one, and she says it so much better than I could, and with a good deal of authority, since she has a great blog, and wrote her MSc thesis on wiki’s in archaeology….

How to annoy longstanding customers

Pantheon Occulus

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I’m missing Italy…

But only a little bit. Spent last week out in the field and playing with real data for the PhD from our Welsh escapades, at a teaching and learning conference this week….

Plans very much afoot!

On the other hand, very irritated that my net-email provider, having given me a free account for the last 9 years, has decided to start charging £15 a year… and no more free accounts. I can’t even opt to stay with a pared down version of what I have now. This stinks for a number of reasons.

And have the gall to tell me it is for my own good!! “There will be no adverts” “It will be shinier and prettier” “You can add photos”. I have flickr for that. And a blog for letting other people read stuff. And I don’t mind the ads, I understand they pay for the minuscule amount of server space and bandwidth my emails take up. I have had my account with them since 1998!!! And then they were bought out last year, and suddenly this.

EVERYTHING goes there… even things I don’t think I know how to change anymore, I signed up to them that long ago. There are some people who only have that addy for me, and, it’s an email address I really like, almost part of my persona nowadays… Changing would also render all my lovely moo cards useless 😦

There is no way on earth I could get the same name without numbers after it or any dumb underscores….

So, do I shell out? Or do I change as much as I can to my gmail account and hope the important contacts realise… and also sacrifice a little bit of my persona….

What’s a girl to do?



I’m so very sunburned. 😦

I’m very cross with myself as I know I burn easily and stupidly went out on fieldwork yesterday on very short notice in entirely the wrong clothes and without my normal radiation proof factor 50 sunblock.

Still, I had a great day doing GPR survey on Hod Hill, an Iron Age hillfort with a Roman fort dated to just after the invasion built inside it (which is quite unusual). The site is also an SSSI because it has lots of unusual plants. I got to see some rare purple spotted orchids and some even rarer bee orchids– pictures going on flickr asap. For some reason the orchids like the berm of the fort ditches so I saw them along with the interesting archaeology. There were also multitudes of crickets, rare butterflies and other cool bugs, and hawks or buzzards hunting along the adjacent valley bottom.

Camping last weekend was fun, and I’m looking forward to the next event in July. July is going to be very busy- workshop in Lancaster, trips out to my various case study sites for initial assessments (I hope), Graduation from my MSc and another camping trip.

August is also rapidly filling up with 2 events I’m supposed to be at, plus fieldwork in Wales again, and hopefully trips to Durrington Walls excavation as well 🙂

Lots of archaeology makes Neko a tired but happy girl.

This week I have been mostly…

…processing geophysical data and hunting down obscure Welsh archaeology journals from before I was born.

And writing an abstract for the Initial Review. Abstract writing is like pulling teeth 😦

I’m off to an event tomorrow and won’t be back ’till late Sunday. The event should be much fun- first LARP of the year, but I’m going all the way to Leek on public transport with all my kit (eek).

Photos will follow I’m sure….