There were baby Moorhens!

Ok, so that probably isn’t the most amazing thing from my day at Flag Fen, but I’m certain it was the cutest.

The site itself was fantastic- totally different, to see it in the flesh, so to speak, than from reading about it in books. The landscape was fascinating, as were all the cool critters and plants I saw. The earth was dark and peaty and it felt good to stand on it, and even better to realise I now know how and why such landscapes form, the human influences, the deep changes over time that have all contributed to the place that exists today. Exciting to think I might be able to add to that knowledge!

Meeting / discussions were all very fruitful and I’m even more excited about the (dare I say high/ nigh on certain) possibility of doing some serious work there. The archaeologists and volunteers I met seemed as excited about my research as I am, which was a great boost as well…. I have a big meeting with the Supervisors on Monday and I hope they agree with what I’d like to do šŸ™‚

It’s a long time since I have been to the Fens and I had forgotten how flat they were. After we were done on site I went into Peterborough and to while away the time ’till my train I went to the local museum (really good, pitched for kids and adults and managing to do well for both), which holds some of the finds from Flag Fen and related sites. I then went on to the magnificent Norman Cathedral. It was amazing, and has huge grounds and outbuildings surviving all around it, giving a good idea of the old city centre layout. I took some nice pictures (I hope) which I’ll post to flickr as soon as I’ve downloaded them.

Geeky moments- I have been devouring the new Harry Potter book whilst on the train today, and I arrived home at a bit of a cliffhanger moment…. and I’m torn now. I really want to keep reading, partly to get to the end before I manage to stumble across the inevitable spoilers, but I’m booked to go see a preview showing of really big robots fighting other really big robots…. my inner geek feels like a kid in a candy store šŸ˜€

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