Bog Oak, Somerset levels

Bog Oak, Somerset levels

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This lump of wood, slowly emerging from shrinking peats is about 8,000 years old. It grew in an oak forest before the peat engulfed it during a period of climate change. Our influence on the peat has led to it re-emerging now.

I was going to write a long post about how I got into archaeology and computing, but I’ve been guest-hosting on Brightmeadow, and that has eaten my free time for blogging!

Go read my post- it has many funny links and things. I’m off LARPing on Thursday untill late Monday, but I shall upload pictures and the long awaited aforementioned blog post too, when I get back.

For now, hope everyone has a good bank holiday. I’m off to bed as I have another day of arguing with GPR software ahead of me tomorrow…

I’m Back in the 21st Century

I’m home.

Everything smells of woodsmoke and I’m tired and covered in bug bites (sitting about campfires responsible for all three) and have many bruises (lots of hand to hand fighting, and dagger fighting lessons to blame for those). I will admit that I didn’t want to come home- the people I re-enact with are an amazing bunch and I had such a good time.

I’ll post photo’s soon, and write a proper blog entry (someone on Antiquist asked about what got me into archaeological computing and I feel a post here would be a cool way to answer her)- right now I have to go and prep maps for a trip to Somerset tomorrow to look at a potential case study site.

I’m off to the 17th Century….

Reflected light

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I’m off to the Isle of Wight for the next ten days to take part in a Living History event at Arreton Manor, to teach people about the English Civil War, and everyday life in a rural community in the 1600’s.

I’ll be out of email range, but those lucky folks that have my phone number- I won’t be able to answer during the day, but if you leave me a message I can call you back.

The photo is the reflection of fairy lights in the window of a washing machine. It would have come out better with a tripod….

I’ll try not to break anything sword fighting….


Horizontal Lines

Horizontal Lines

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I’ve been taking lots of pictures lately.

I like the act of photographing myself, my activities, and then posting them here to the blog- it almost does not feel right to post an entry without some photography to go with it. This is odd, because I hate other people taking my picture. I guess if I take the photo’s and I decide which ones go up, I have control and I can make sure I’m happy with what goes up…

I don’t pretend to be any good at it, by the way, but I do think a photo can give you an idea of me much more readily than a bunch of clumsy words can.

This picture is from a whole load I took on my way back home from uni in the gloaming* the other night. I’ve got this obsession with photographing reflections… I managed to get Cas’s fairy lights reflection in her washing machine door on Saturday

(waves at Cas- lovely lady, any chance you could email me that shot?)

The train ones were in part inspired by this one of Cas, but also by the way the lights streaked and behaved in the external images, interposed with the still reflection of the interior.

I guess photo blogging feels very instant and personal. I worry you all get bored if there are too many words, but a photo, as the old adage goes, says thousands in seconds!

* this is just another word (with Saxon origins) for twilight, but I love it, to me it is very evocative of a particular time of night when the temperature starts to drop off, the smell of the air changes, and one part of the sky is dark enough for stars but at the westernmost it is still just about blue…. I think it is my favourite time of day, and one of my favourite ever words.