Yuck… sometimes resolutions suck

No photo today. I wish I had taken one.

I arrived in Bournemouth as planned, on the nice early coach. I went to the flat, dropped my stuff off, grabbed the makings of a healthy breakfast to have once in the office, and left on the bike.

It proceeded to rain on me, all the way to uni. Not a bit. A lot. The sort of rain that is really wet. I know, all rain is technically wet, but this rain was the wetter kind. You know, the sort that comes in really big drops that go straight through fabric, that is driven into said fabric by the wind. That I’m still soaked through from below the knee after 4 hours in a nice warm office.

My feet are still wet.

The sun came out within a minute of my arrival on campus.

Still, I did it! I biked all the way up the evil hill too, and I’m not 100% well which is playing havoc with my asthma. The weather has tried to beat me, but it’s currently Neko 3, bike nil.

I’m doing pretty well on the resolutions so far, my diary is being kept, I’ve blogged this week and last. I’m keeping up with uni stuff, I’m eating well and me and the bike are back to our daily argument. Not noticing any difference yet, but I guess I have to be patient!!

Neko out… pray I don’t get hypothermia before I can write another entry!

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