Maybe burning a bullocks heart with some fragrant herbs will help?

The monument looking east

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I’ve spent all week trying to think of ways to appease the Storm Gods, to no avail.

Y’see, I’m off to this lovely site tonight (well, to the general area tonight, then onsite tomorrow), and the weather forecast is really rather poor. It has calmed down from predictions early in the week which were for constant heavy rain and Force 8 gusting to 9! Now, I can just expect to get rained on for most of tomorrow, and a good chunk of Saturday, with winds of about Force 6. The only upside is that all the cloud cover and the prevailing wind direction means it will be quite warm for this time of year (though I have to remember to factor in wind chill and that I’ll be soaked- I can’t wear nice heavy duty waterproofs as they are full of little bits of metal, which screws up my results). Sarah is coming with me to drive and to be my survey assistant. She, like me, is insane enough to be looking forward to the experience. I am blessed to have such friends 🙂

Apart from appeasing the Gods, this week I’ve swum a kilometre, met my targets for my other exercises and biked to uni each day I was supposed to, and I’m doing good on the food front too! I have to quietly admit that I’m starting to like this whole exercise thing. I miss it on the days I don’t do it, so find something else to do instead. When I’m in Southampton I don’t have my bike, and I have found myself going out for long walks, briskly, walking instead of getting the bus… Or doing double exercises that day. I feel so much better than last week. This morning I was a little low on energy, but my mood was really good. I just have to keep going, and my cheering squad are really helping with that, thanks guys!!

I’m missing the Portsmouth Vampire lot tonight 😦 I hope you guys all had fun and that a certain someone’s first game as a ref went well!!

I’ve also cracked on with some really important data processing, and should have my paper ready in time for UKCAA 08 in York in a couple of weeks time. I have anomalies in my results, for the first time, that appear to be archaeologically relevant. This has boosted me quite a bit as it confirms that my PhD at least has something to explain, to investigate. Even if it turns out not to be possible to prospect in these environments, I should be able to say why!!

Shortly I’ll be off, and consequently away from any internet access ’till very late on Sunday, so if you need me you’ll have to wait unless you are lucky enough to have my mobile number!

Think of me when you are all tucked up and cosy at home/work over the next few days…

Neko out!

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