I’m back (for now)

Drying out take 2!

Originally uploaded by lilith_kayt.

Dartmoor didn’t quite kill me, though I am somewhat dead, it hasn’t properly taken and I should be fine in a day or so, just in time to go and do it all again next weekend!

The photo sums the weekend up quite neatly I think. The weather was never quite bad enough to make us head off site, but enough to get you bone numbingly cold and dog tired just from fighting the wind and straining to see properly in the mist all day.

I’ll try to write things up a bit better during the week, but it is safe to say that it was hard work, but very enjoyable, and that I owe Sarah most, if not all, of my immortal soul for making it possible to get there, then venturing out with me and working really bloody hard, for no pay, and being happy to go and do it all again this week! Mad, but I’m not going to argue…

Neko out for now

2 thoughts on “I’m back (for now)

  1. Never, under any circumstances, even if she tempts you with delicious cakes, let Evil Aunty Sarah anywhere near your soul.

    You might as well just give it to Anubis – I’ve heard old croc-faced Ammit is hungry.

  2. I’m pretty sure it weighs more than a feather, so I think I’m going that way anyway. Maybes Evil Aunty Sarah could fight him for it? That’s something I’d pay to see….

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