Breaking resolutions…

The only one I have broken is the one about blogging regularly!

It’s all a bit hectic for at the moment folks, got a lot of work to do.

brief notes:

Dartmoor was much better 2nd time around and the data still looks good. We do need to go back though. Volunteers?

CAA was great, I think my paper went well and I caught up with some old friends and made some very useful contacts.

My Initial Review seems to have been OK….

I’m now in a bit of a panic about the Transfer process and everything I need to get done. In fact, I’d quite like the world to stop for three months while I get caught up…. anyone got a plan?

The biking, exercise etc seem to be working, and the weather has been really great this last week or so and I have been outside playing with Poi lots and climbing trees!

I’m feeling very very pressured at the moment and the not-spouse-creature is being fantastic. I have issues with planning and I can freeze up a bit if a job feels insurmountable. He is doing sterling work keeping me on track and helping me figure out priorities etc… I have also been brave and asked to see my supervisors today for their input. I’m sure it is all going to be fine and this is just the ‘start of second year’ mountain I have read about….

Neko out

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