Stand Back… I’m going to try some science!

Stand Back… I’m going to try some science!

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I just had a very good meeting.

It’s scary, how much work I have ahead of me, but my supervisors seem to agree with the decisions about direction I have been getting to….

I feel like I know where this is going, what to focus on.

– Geochemistry is in…(hence the lab coat 😉 )

-Processing routines and scary 3D stuff seems to be on the back burner…

– Statistical integration is still an option…

– Full steam ahead!

Now I just have to go and learn chemistry!

(and do my weekly swim, which I’m looking forward to. all this exercise seems to be turning me into a healthy person!) Neko out

Oh, and this made me laugh, lots (xkcd again :D)

I think I need to learn me some Python (it’s a scripting/ coding language)…

5 thoughts on “Stand Back… I’m going to try some science!

  1. I thinl sampling everything in the medicine cabinet is a more effective method of defying gravity… although there is also that saying, “Mescaline. It’s the only way to fly.”

  2. Ooh, chemistry eh? That brings back memories; I was a chemist once up a time, or training to be one at any rate… Before archaeology took a hold that is 😉 Still got my old lab coat somewhere and still enjoy getting in the lab from time to time, albeit in a reduced capacity as Becky’s glamorous assistant these days…

    Python is probably a good choice these days; I need to figure out how it works for use with ArcGIS. Be handy for processing tasks.

    Have fun with the geochemistry and watch out for those interpolation routines; i’ve seen some ‘interesting’ uses of data and crazy spline curves…

  3. I haven’t done any proper Chemistry since GCSE’s (5th grade high school). It is a little bit daunting, to be honest. I know Elephtheria found Python really easy to learn and use with ArcGIS and Dave W has been using it a lot as well.

    I shall indeed mind my splines… 😉

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