A little note about notebooks

My notebooks

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A while ago, Cas posted a photo of all her notebooks to flickr… I foolishly mocked her, not realising I am in fact much, much worse…

Then she posted about her love of notebooks on her blog, and I joined in with great enthusiasm, empathising with finding a notebook close to perfection, and then having to desecrate it with my less-than-perfect handwriting, thoughts and sketches…

Then I realised how many notebooks I had, just while I was away at uni, and how many more I have at home… go take a look at the pictures on flickr– they have notes in a feeble attempt to explain why I need six (yes, SIX) notebooks just to get through a week at uni…

I’ve hoarded notebooks since I was a little girl, yet the last 9 weeks (and counting) is the longest I have ever kept a day-by-day journal for. There is just something perfect about all those empty pages, pregnant with potential… It seems terrible to destroy the promise they hold of the perfect works of art, of poetry that they  could  contain, if only I were up to the task…

I spend hours drifting around stationery shops, questing as Cas does for the perfect notebooks, those that look or feel ‘just right’… it drives the not-spouse creature insane. He turns and says to me often, ‘but you have not written in the ones you already have!’ How do I explain this fetish for the perfect notebook, the belief that if only I can find something perfect enough then my words will flow into it perfect as well? How to explain the allure of the new-paper smell, the dizzying raw potential of that first page, turned back and carefully smoothed down along the spine…

ahem, where was I?

My Dad is different- he is indifferent to what he writes on- close lined spiral bound notebooks are what he prefers, not shiny, pretty hardbound books that are works of art in themselves. He obsesses over pens though. I’ve yet to see a whole page of writing of his that is in the same colour for a start! I have many pens, but I’m not as weird about them as he is, honest 😉

Neko out. I’m off to smell my notebooks and hope no-one catches me doing it…

Oh, in other news, some cheeky little sod stole the lights off my bike this weekend. I’m not best pleased. You’d think if someone was conscientious enough to WANT lights for their bike, they’d be beyond stealing to get them? Grr…

2 thoughts on “A little note about notebooks

  1. They are very handy, I like that it has month to view in there, and the year planner, and then the sections at the back… but I still seem to end up with even more notebooks, even though it should cover everything!

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