… and a confession about pens

OK, my previous post had a little fib in it.

I am as weird as my dad about pens.

I sat down to plan my Transfer document (some of you might know this as the ‘Upgrade’- the examination that moves your from MPhil to PhD), and found that I couldn’t because I didn’t have the right kind of pen.

I like to plan with chunky fibre tipped pens. Like nicer versions of the felt-tip-pens we used as kids. It just didn’t feel right sitting down to block out paragraphs, sections and arguments with a normal pen, be it fineliner, rollerball or fountain pen.

So Dad? I’m sorry. You are not alone in your freakish pen obsession.

Cas also has a thing about the perfect pen, but hers is a quest for the perfect writing tool. Mine is specific to the task of planning. It must be with a fibre tipped pen, and not a fine one, no 0.3, which is Dad’s preference, or 0.5 or 0.7 which I like for writing with. Not even 1.0, which I sometimes use. Nope, proper felt tip pen type thickness of nib. Only that will do.

The PhD stress may be getting to me…

Neko out- off to book a week on Dartmoor and hopefully 2 weeks at Flag Fen! Woot!

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