RIP The Evil Red Bicycle

The Evil Red Bicycle

Originally uploaded by lilith_kayt.

My bike was stolen yesterday. Not much else to say really. In January I hated it, but it helped me loose 2 stone and saved me lots of money and time as well.

I loved it. I cried this morning. Tomorrow I am going to go round all the local ‘cash converter’ type shops and see if I can find it. I’ve told the Police, they are going to (hopefully) take prints from what the idiots left behind. We are insured, but it’s worth less than the policy excess.


I miss my bike 😦

Neko out

4 thoughts on “RIP The Evil Red Bicycle

  1. Bastards. Grrr. Arg at the lot of them.


    Here’s hoping that you 1) get it back or 2) get a new one that is super and snazzy and sexy, just like you 🙂

  2. Well they came round tonight (at about 7! Seems soco’s work all hours!) and got nothing from my bike lock- not shiny enough for good prints apparently. We did geek out a bit about geophys though- one of them was quite into archaeology! I shall hunt tomorrow, but I’m trying not to hope.

    They don’t make my bike anymore, and it was PERFECT in every way. And my dad bought it for me. 😦 If I have to replace it then I think I will buy a second hand rust bucket, not something shiny and fab.

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