Frantic? me?

Trying not to break the blogging resolution but far too busy to do anything like ‘proper’ writing…

I sat down last week and made a plan for getting the Transfer finished early so i can get some feedback etc before it gets turned in. Those plans don’t leave much room for life, sadly, but they are going well. I have now processed all of the data collected to date for the PhD (rather than the ‘quick look’ processing one does in the field and immediately post to see what you’ve got) and it’s all been through the conversion process and is (almost) all now sitting in the GIS waiting to be made pretty. I’m reading lots and going to hit the writing over the weekend.

I have to keep reminding myself that a) I’ve already done a lot of the writing, it just needs refining, and b) I’m only allowed 10,000 words!

This weekend (tomorrow in fact) the not-spouse and I are off to Devon to celebrate the wedding of a good friend, and stay in a very pretty guest house with our other good friends Stu and Tree (who got married 18 months ago). We are awaiting the onslaught of ‘so when is it your turn?’ questions, and looking forward to the pretty train journey and the really nice place we have to stay.

I’ll be taking clarissa (the laptop) though, and working on the less pretty bits of the 3 hour journey. I promise to Flckr the photos, but perhaps not till next weekend when the first draft will (all things going to plan) be with the supervisors, getting feedback….

I’m off to swim now- still haven’t replaced my bike so I’m doing a bit extra to try to keep on top of things until I do. Then I’m off back to Southampton as I have tomorrow ‘off’ to go down to Devon.

Have a good weekend folks,

Neko out.

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