Lola in Harrogate!

Lola in Harrogate!

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I feel like I’ve been living a bit like Lola here of late- out of a backpack. I was going to write you a quick update, social things, but I’ve just almost finished a mega flickr session and the new uploadr has fallen over on me.

I have officially had enough of stupid computers for the night and I’m off to see Matt for a bit before we head to bed. You might be able to glean some things from my flickr update; no prizes if you guess right though.

I want to blog about a conference I went to, but to do it justice I need to be awake and have a shred of patience left. The new snazzy uploadr just cost me 40 mins work, so that is all out of the question! Grrrrr….

Oh, if you didn’t already know, I successfully upgraded to PhD registration on Monday. 17 months to go…..

Neko out.