Lola on the Beach

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I feel a bit like a butterfly at the moment. I promised you all a write up of the HEA conference and some other things besides but it feels like things just haven’t stopped. I passed my Upgrade (as you know) and since then I have been trying (and mostly failing) to multi task. I’m learning soil chemistry, designing experiments, organising both excavations and the last of my geophysical surveys and in between all of that flitting about at the weekends to hen-nights (last weekend) and weddings (tomorrow).

I have lots to tell you all about, but at the moment the few hours Matt and I get at home together seem to precious to spend glaring at our respective computers! We finally have the internet switched on at my new house in Bournemouth, so that will make life easier (and deprive me of yet more sleep no doubt!).

This post is largely an apology for not posting, and letting you all know I’m still alive. The best news I’ve had in months happened this week- my Dad is home from hospital and feeling better. I’m so pleased for him; it was even better than hearing I’d passed my Upgrade! I want to go home and see him there, rather than in the less than pleasant hospital where he has spent the last month. Why has mental health care not moved on from Benthams’ Panopticon? For somewhere people go to get better, inpatient mental health facilities (in my admittedly limited experience) are pretty soul destroying. I’m so glad he’s home, and feels safe there again.

We went to see the Dark Knight and WALL-E. Both were excellent but there was a slightly preachy tone about not giving in to terrorists that I found jarring in the Batman movie. The message from WALL-E was a lot more my thing- individuality and curiosity are characteristics to treasure. My absolute favourite moment of the film is when Mo, a little cleaning bot discovers he can go outside the lines and nothing bad will happen to him! We talked about the film all the way home from seeing it, and are still laughing and talking about it more than a week later; my measure of a good film.

I have a new bike and I’m mostly staying on the healthy wagon. My ride to and from uni is now 8km, and in the morning it is ALL up hill!

More soon I promise.

Neko out.