Present Absence

I’ve not posted much this month. I am not going to make apologies: I’ve mostly been using up my will to write on getting reports to English Heritage for the Scheduled Monuments I’ve used as case studies, which is a major obligation (and I think it’s immoral to do survey work and NOT report it).

But this means that by the time I’m done working for the day (normally after 21:00!!) I don’t really feel like writing!

So I’ve been present but a bit absent of late.

There are some things I do want to write about, when I have time. I went to a very interesting meeting that sparked off a lot of thought about where I locate myself in my discipline. Am I an Archaeologist or a Geophysicist? Can I really claim either title? What are the minimum claims to knowledge for an archaeologist, a geologist, a geophysicist? Should people doing archaeological geophysics have an archaeological background? And if so, how much of the physics do they need to understand? I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I know what my personal feelings are 😉

The not-spouse and I also went on an Epic Journey ™ to London to see the Hadrian Exhibition. I have yet to do the massive Flickr upload that this created but I will do soon, and I wanted to write a little bit about that day as well. We had a lot of fun.

Finally, I really am ‘absent’ until the 18th as I’m off to my site on Dartmoor again, but this time actually conducting some excavations to ground truth the surveys Sarah and I did earlier in the year. If you are anywhere near Yellowmead Down (Sheepstor, near Burrator Reservoir) in the next week, than you’d be more than welcome on site!

Neko out (and really praying the weather holds… offerings to storm gods have been made)

2 thoughts on “Present Absence

  1. Dammit – I watched the Hadrian program on tv and loved it. I wanted to visit all the weird places he built things and go see his estate where he died.

    I was in London recently but only had time for a short, unsuccessful, book hunt on my way back to the station. I would’ve loved more time to see the exhibition. I didn’t know you were going… 😦

  2. Sorry- we snuck up on the coach the other Saturday. I didn’t go to Tivoli when I was in Italy, but I plan to next time I go. I did go to the Pantheon though, which was awesome… and gave me a little thrill when I saw pictures and models of it in the exhibition 🙂

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