Greenham in British Archaeology and The Guardian!

So, I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently that the project I worked with for my MSc was gearing up to a few publications. The Common Ground Project, a joint effort between English Heritage, Southampton University and various other academics, artists and activists was set up to look at the material remains of the women’s peace camps at Greenham Common. I helped with the pilot surveys at Turquoise gate in 2006 and based my dissertation on the spatial analysis of what we had found, and what this could contribute to our understanding of the material record.

The most recent issue of the CBA’s magazine, British Archaeology has a six page spread on the project written by John Schofield, of EH, and the Guardian picked up on the story yesterday and we made page 9… exciting stuff!

There are more articles to come, hopefully, we’re working away on them; I’ll keep you all posted.

The great thing about British Archaeology is that when the next print issue comes out in February, our issue (and article) will be available free online; I’ll make sure to link to it!

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