More Greenham!

Yvonne (Marshall, not Mitchell- naughty R4 for getting it wrong!), the project leader at Southampton was interviewed this morning for Women’s Hour on BBC Radio 4! You can do the ‘listen again’ thing here. It was the first ten minutes of the programme.

2 thoughts on “More Greenham!

  1. I don’t think you’re a fan but Jeremy Clarkson mentioned Greenham Common in last weeks Top Gear, when they were racing Communist cars around the deserted site.

    He described it as, “home to the US Strategic Air Command, 100 nuclear missiles and 2000 lesbians” (or something similar, the number of missiles is correct, I can’t remember the number of lesbians).

    I literally winced when he said it and thought, “Kayt would go f***ing mad if she heard that”. Even I thought it was quite offensive.

    • Well, it’s sort of true. Not all Greenham women were Lesbians, but gender/identity/sexuality were important strands of what happened there, and for a lot of women, Greenham was in part about this too, so perhaps he was being very ‘generalised’, but not totally offensive. And it was how the women were portrayed in the media at the time, communist, dirty, dangerous lesbians.

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