Positive resolutions and Rothko

Me and Jess at the Tate Modern

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It has been a busy couple of weeks. I’m doing well with the resolutions, despite falling off the bike earlier this week. I only really injured my pride, so I kept on going. Uni has been busy in a weird way; fieldwork had to be postponed while some kit got sent off to be fixed, so I’ve been doing lots of little jobs and planning how to do the bigger ones. I finally bit the bullet and went to see my supervisor for some advice about what order to tackle things in and what to do after I’m finished.

It looks like whatever happens with post-docs I’ll be needing a job for the first part of 2010 due to how and when the funding applications get done, so if anyone needs a geophysicist / GIS experienced archaeologist,  for the first six months of next year, let me know!

Yesterday I went to London with Cat and my folks to see the Rothkos at the Tate Modern. It was pretty mind blowing. There were colours so deep and rich I wanted to be wrapped up in them. I got to see two very good Anselm Kiefers, ( Lilith 1987-9 and Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom 2000) some very odd Cy Twombly’s (   from Natural History, Part I, Mushrooms, No. IV 1974) and the first piece of modern art I really understood and took meaning from, Matisse’s The Snail .

Henri Matisse The Snail 1953

Henri Matisse
The Snail 1953

I fell in love with it so much when I was ten I made my Dad get me a huge poster of it that graced my bedroom wall until I left home. We walked over the Millenium Bridge, and had lunch in the Restaurant on the 7th floor with spectacular views over the Thames. Looking back at St Paul’s’ from the Bridge was cool, but it was a cold day and I forgot my coat, so didn’t take a lot of pictures. Being in that part of London made me really want to explore the city properly. My London internal map is all based on tube stops and their immediate vicinity, or walks between places I know well like the V&A to the BM. I learned Rome by walking all over it, when I worked there in 2006, and want to know London like that as well, or at least the interesting parts of it.  It was a great day for many reasons, but not least of which was getting to see Jess, even just for a little while, and getting to catch up a bit about each others lives, travels, dreams and plans. It’s good that we still connect in so many ways, that despite our very different lives there are many points of intersection. We’ll see each other again soon, for longer, I promise Jess!

The first Greenham article is almost done and I’m very very pleased with it. It was really pulled together by Sasha, and wouldn’t have worked without her contributions about autoethnography. As soon as I can I’ll post a link but the world of archaeological journals moves slowly, so it might take a while. The British Archaeology piece will be available online soon, so I’ll link to that as well.

I have to go and be boring and domestic now, after a cultural extravaganza yesterday, so Neko out, for now…

Sticking to it

This time last year I mentioned that resolutions suck. Yup. I am agreeing with myself once more. I biked in to uni this morning for the first time in at least a month. It was below freezing and not at all pleasant. But I did it, which is what counts, right?

Curiously, my hands went very painfully numb (despite biking gloves) for the first ten minutes, but then warmed back up again. This did coincide with the biggest/ steepest part of the 4k hill climb that is my ride in, so I reckon I must have been internally too hot, and thus blood went back to them to cool down! Aren’t our bodies neat?

Neko out…. and almost weighing as much as I did before Christmas already, woot!