Much to report?

I don’t have time to write a huge post now, but just a leetle update:

I moved home at the end of June (rather than living in Bournemouth part-time) as our housemate of the last four years has finally flown the nest! We decided that we are really OK with not sharing anymore, but this means that we now pay the whole rent, so I can’t live away during the week.

I’m (almost) into the writing up stages so it should all work out pretty well as our ‘spare’ room is now my study; the PhD stuff has already taken over it’s own corner!

I ran away to the Isle of Wight with the Prehistoric Society for a weekend: photo’s are here . I want to write it all up as a post at some point, if I have time, as I learned a lot. I tweeted the main points though so you may already be sick of it!

As a result of all the moving we’ve been without internet (eek!) but are now finally back online.

I’ve been massively occupied with lab-stuff following the Somerset dig, mainly involving dissolving soil in boiling acid to blast the moelcules apart so I can vaporise them in plasma and work out what elements are present. This is less fun than it sounds.

More soon,

Neko x