Just a leetle update

Me at the Louvre

Me at the Louvre

I went to Paris last week to talk about my PhD at the big bi-annual archaeology and geophysics conference, which went OK. I met some great people and some idols of mine, and they listened to my paper, which was pretty mind blowing. Paris was also kinda awesome: pictures are here. I’ve not had time to go and add descriptions etc to them all yet, but I will at some point.

I’m crazy busy at the moment, and don’t have time to write properly: I have just about finished all of the practical work and I’m frantically writing up to get a draft to my supervisors by the end of October.

If you are really interested in the daily panic and woe this causes, you can read my tweets!

Probably won’t be able to write for a wee while. I’ll try to think of something better to say by then.