Another Quick Update

The PhD is continuing apace, hence not much in the way of updates here. My paper diary has fallen by the wayside as well as I seem to have run out of both time and energy. I sort of regret that, and I plan to pick it back up again in the new year as I have been finding it a really valuable tool and record of what I have accomplished, as well as helping me see where things have not gone so well and deciding what to do about them.


Since Paris it has felt pretty much non-stop. I did have a short rest at the end of October for the not-spouse-creatures’ birthday (his 30th no less); we went to the zoo and had dinner together and didn’t talk about archaeology or soil at all.


I handed in a substantial (but still pretty rough) first draft this time last week, and I’m waiting for comments. I have some experiments to finish and then I need to finish off the write-up to include them, and try to pull something coherent together. I’ve written it all in such a piecemeal fashion (as it really is the only way to do something this big) that I can’t see the thread to hang it all together with. I need to take a step back a bit to re-examine the big picture, but I’m running out of time.


Christmas is shaping up to not be a lot of fun, as my final deadline is the first week in January, but hey, this is the last time EVER that christmas/birthdays and other important life stuff will be buried under uni coursework.


There are some days that I love it, and on most days I look at what I’ve done and I feel proud, but today has been a frustrating day so I’ll be quiet about the PhD now, lest I say something I regret.  I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and I have to keep reminding myself that it really is almost there. I just have to not fall at the last few hurdles and all will be well, but just don’t ask me how the PhD is going for a wee while, unless you really want to know :-s


Neko out

2 thoughts on “Another Quick Update

  1. Hey Ben!

    Thank you very much, my online cheering squad are really helping me stay motivated. Finding this waiting for me this morning really made me smile. I’m planning to come home for a short rest in January when it is all done, we should meet up for beer 🙂


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