So, um, I kinda finished the PhD

The doorstop that is my thesis

Lola is victorious

People who follow me on twitter/facebook/really know me (which I think is 100% of the readership here!) will already know, but a month ago I finally submitted my thesis.

It has taken that long for me to start to feel vaguely normal; it was an intensely stressful period, the final five weeks, and I don’t particularly want to talk or think about it still.

I have promised myself that when I get a date for my viva, I will think about it, but for now I am concerning myself with much more mundane, but vital things. Such as finding a job.

On Monday I have an interview I am really excited about, and I am probably jinxing it horribly by admitting this on the internet. It is for a project using GIS in Historical Geography; related to what us archaeologists do, and I am certainly hoping my skills are similar and transferable. It seems so from the job-spec, so we’ll see.

The job would work so well, in so many ways. I am trying very hard not to hope too much, so we’ll see. In the meantime I am temping, but for a local social landlord, rather than for corporate evil. 9-5 data entry is not a lot of fun, but we need to eat!

I am slowly trying to come back from the hermit-like place I ended up in towards the end of the PhD, but slowly is the key word. I have PhD related things to do too, like finishing up some of the reporting to English Heritage and other interested parties, and at some point getting it all published! There is the second Greenham paper too, and I am committed to getting the PhD data archived somehow, hopefully with the ADS, all of which need work and attention.

I also have to finish learning to drive- it is so frustrating, I was about a month/six weeks away from being able to do my test when the PhD crunch hit, and now I am too broke, until our finances recover a bit from being being income-less for about 10 weeks.

So why the post? I am trying to get some sort of routine back, that doesn’t involve collapsing in exhaustion and not bothering to do anything because I am so used to saying ‘no, I have to work on my thesis’ that I have forgotten how to do anything else. It does need to be cheap though! I hate missing all the birthdays and fin in Bournemouth, but it is just beyond me at the moment. Blogging is a way of being back ‘out there’ and open to social contact. Bring it on!

I have been doing some things, like going out to celebrate Chinese New Year, and having the prettiest tea I have ever been served:

Chinese tea

Pretty tea!

(which wordpress refuses to rotate and I refuse to re-upload, sorry)

… and helping a friend with her geophysical surveys on Salisbury Plain:

Neko on Salisbury Plain

... the ubiquitous fieldwork shot

Neko out (and about!)