Does anyone know why my feed has stopped updating?

I have tried everything I can think of 😦

Feedburner moved to google- but my account is all OK, and I can log an and see that it hasn’t picked up my last post.  I can successfully (according to feedburner) ‘ping’ my feed and it sends no new content…

Is there a new default setting in wordpress that I have missed?


Putting the call out on twitter- helpful suggestions below please?

Neko < confused >

3 thoughts on “Does anyone know why my feed has stopped updating?

  1. WordPress made some changes to publishing to feed around the same time as the last post that shows up in your feedburner feed. Maybe it’s something to do with that…

    If I view I get the full thing. Is that the url feedburner has?

    I remember something similar happened with twitterfeed, but in the end I just deleted that as wordpress tweets automagically now.

  2. Thanks mister 🙂

    It appears that installing the facebook wordpress app has somehow ‘forced’ my feed- in June I did /everything/ I could to force it to update with my last post, same again last night, then I think by the time you looked facebook had somehow forced the update. Phew!

  3. On the subject of multi-feeds/twitter/FB:

    I do split my updates. I put random thoughts, updates and epiphanies on Twitter; amusing status updates on FB and if I believe it fits both audiences (to be honest my few Twitter followers are mostly on FB too) then I use the Friend Stream app to post to both.
    Often my cunning plan falls foul of missing phone signal and the Friend Stream only posts to one or t’other 😦

    Stupid, stupid rat-phone.

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