Past in the present

Just a quick little post today, but again I find myself needing more than 140 characters (or perhaps is is corrections avoidance?).

My Dad, and a few other people I know have pointed me at Sergey Larenkov’s live journal page with his amazing photo-in photo pictures of locations in European cities with images from WWII blended into them, rendering the past very much present.

The originals are here, though he blogs in Russian, my dad found it via wood s lot , which he says is the best thing on the internet, but it seems to have gone a bit viral. I really really like the images, they are arresting and beautiful.

The Museum of London has a related iPhone application called ‘Street Museum‘ which seems to be a combination of something like wikitude with the photomosiacs you can get on googlemaps now. I’ve yet to see it in action but I would be interested to know if it is ‘augmented reality’- i.e. it uses the camera to overlay the historical image with what is in the viewfinder to allow you to line it up, or if it is just an image that you can hold up to compare. The former would be waaay cooler.

Now seems a good time to mention my dad’s latest project too. He is constructing a site about ‘difficult’ poetry and is looking for feedback from anyone and everyone about both the site design and the content. If you are at all interested in poetry, writing, or web design and community building, please go and look at and let him know?