Rounding off the year

I haven’t blogged since July?!

I knew I’d been neglecting you, but that is a long time.

The ends of things always get me thinking, and not only is the year coming to an end, my PhD experience is as well. It’s all done now, including the graduating. I went to our school Christmas meal and realised it’s probably the last one I’ll go to- by this time next year the people I know best will all have finished too and it will be mainly people I don’t know. I’m all moved out of the office as well, and about to loose my academic email address and with it my ‘institutional affiliation’ – an odd place to be for a self-professed academic (well one that is starting out anyway).

Fortunately for me ends are also beginings, and after almost exactly a year I’ll be starting to work for a University again in February. Not in an Archaeology department, but as a technician in a Geography department, helping to teach exactly the same science, but with different applications and research questions. I am really looking forward to it. I am hoping that the next four weeks are the last time I ever have a ‘formal’ dress code at work! Ok, that’s the most flippant of reasons, but the thought of going to work in comfy shoes and not needing to buy clothes that I would only ever wear in the office is rather nice.

One of the reasons I’ve not blogged is my current job- I was due to finish in September but my contract was extended for another three months, thankfully. But at the outset they were pretty clear I couldn’t talk much about work. Add that to previously mentioned concerns re potential employers and examiners and I was pretty nervous about saying the wrong things. It’s easier to keep it non-specific on twitter where you only get 140 characters to get into trouble with!

I’ve also been ‘limping’ along in academic terms. Some stuff happened earlier in the year, that I’m not going into detail on, but it knocked me for six right at the time I should have had a major boost from my Viva, and it’s taken a while to recover from. I pretty much wasn’t my usual healthy self until September and then job hunting took back over. Now that things are settled and I have a permanent job, it’s time to stop just pootling along, and to start trying to make some things happen. I wrote back in June about this, about needing to make every day count, but I just wasn’t able to back then.

So, since I last wrote… some bad things happened, but some good things did too! I went to Malta and worked with an amazing team on a UNESCO World Heritage Site (the second one of my career which is pretty awesome), then in September I made my final submission and everything was approved. October was Matt’s birthday and lots of job hunting, November was graduation and playing silly games in a Castle almost in Wales (and for once without deadlines looming), December saw the NSGG conference at Burlington House and me finally restarting the driving lessons, and a whole lot of thinking about where we go from here.

There are a couple of things I want to write about at the moment. Malta is one of them, and some ideas about geophysics, geoarchaeology and landscape archaeology & theory is another. I also plan my now traditional (and mainly broken) new year resolutions round up.

Neko out, for now x