I haven’t blogged my New Year’s resolutions for a long time, longer than I thought.


Last year though I didn’t write them here I did make some, but didn’t do all that well at sticking with them, so this year I only have one. It might seem trite, or offhanded or short, but I think it encompasses many of the things I wrote about in my last post.


This year it is simple. I am going to try.


Not try harder, or try not to. Just try. Just do my best not to be scared of the outcomes and actually start trying again, after a year of hiding more than a little bit. It sounds easy, but it is the hardest thing in the world in some ways.


I’m not going into specifics. A good friend said to me last week that telling everyone your good intentions gives you nearly the same buzz as acting on them- robbing you of the motivation to just get on and do it. So I am just going to quietly do my best on several fronts, and I’ll brag about it as and when I see results, not before.

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