Squid, rain, homesickness & lists

Groningen 365 4b

I woke up today feeling pretty blue and the weather matched my mood. It rained on and off all day, but after a long Skype session with Matt and my parents, I felt better and resolved to head out to explore some more.

Despite the rain lots of people were out and about and the Vismarkt was on again! I went to the tourist office and picked up some small city maps and guides. I noticed with some amused interest that there is a whole book of self guided bike tours of modernist architecture. Something for me and Bebrowed to do perhaps?

I mooched about looking for a particular bookshop. I didn’t find it but I did find one with and English section so bought myself something to read- I think the homesickness is more loneliness brought on by not having a lot do as all my stuff is still in transit and I’m living in a hotel. So something to read might help. I also had some calamares as a treat. This really has to be the last of the fried foods though! They were soooo good. I think it’s probably for the best that I can only obtain then twice a week!

So, lists:

Foods tried (look them up!)
Belgian frites, stampot, vla, kaas, kaas broodje; rookworst; metworst and bittebollen

Words attempted:

Dank u Wel, Bedankt, Alstubleift, Morgen, Dag, Koffie, Calamares …

no really- as soon as I struggle people switch to English. It’s embarrassing so I really need to make a concerted effort!

Things yet to sort out:
Moving in! Getting my stuff back from storage, an internet connection, a Dutch phone number, where I can do my laundry, … yep. Still a lot to sort out….

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