Sleet and snow today

Groningen 365 5

Originally uploaded by girlwithtrowel.

I think this might turn into a bit of a photoblog- partly because a lot of my friends don’t use flickr and it doesn’t talk to facebook very efficiently, but wordpress does.

So today I went for a long walk in the fog first thing, and tried to find somewhere to grab some food, but everything here seems to close on a Sunday- they still have restricted opening hours from most types of shop. Apparently some little ‘corner shop’ type places are open, but I couldn’t find one.

I came back and tidied up a bit- living out of suitcases is /not/ an aid to tidiness, and I’m not that tidy to start with! It started to rain so I waited for a lull in the weather, which didn’t come, and then got too hungry so went back out.

Mmmm chicken kebab 😉 ….. but on my way back it started sleeting, and now it’s snowing quite hard but it’s been wet all day so I don’t think it will lay. So I’m going to camp out in my room, do some work and catch up on my diary this afternoon and evening. I’ll be on Skype if anyone fancies a chat!

I’m looking forward to next week and moving in but Tuesday is going to be more than a bit hectic- my building manager has classes so I can only see her first thing, then I have to belt it back for my meeting to sign contracts etc (technically it’s my first day at work!), then I have to go and pay my first rent, then get back to the house to meet the removal company (if they can deliver that day!)… been looking at Ikea things too, but need to see exactly what the space is like before I order things. A bank card would also help!

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