Day 6: First day ‘at work’

Groningen 365 6

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.. a day early, but we have a lot to do and somehow I don’t think I’ll be in much tomorrow with all the moving in I need to do!

We had a big meeting in the afternoon to discuss the classification of the sites in the fieldwork area, to help us choose targets for the more intensive work for our particular project. The area has been subject to pretty intense fieldwalking for the last decade or so, so there is a lot of material to work through to understand the present picture. The PhD student I am working with is focusing on defining and understanding the different protohistoric site types in the area- my job is to help investigate them using geophysics and geoarchaeology. Tomorrow, after moving house and meeting the P.O. to finalise my contract I’ll sit down to discuss my research plan for the next 3 years. I already know this involves writing two papers (at least!). Exciting times 🙂

7 thoughts on “Day 6: First day ‘at work’

  1. And tomorrow you get your library log-on! This fact is already causing immense excitement in the forlorn and dismal part of the world……
    That’s a ‘staying very still’ geek then….

  2. So what is the correct spelling oh great font and oracle of all things proper in English? It’s one that has always evaded me…

    I bought a small stockpile of my favourite pens before I left. I couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to get them. I need to ration them out…

    • Jumping in – that should be “stationery” as in supplied by a stationer. Stationary you are not – you moved to another country 😉

      Will make sure to bring pens when I come over – what are your favourites then?

      • Papermate EU Nylon Fibretip Medium in black & red. Rymans are the only place I seem to find them.

        Uniball Signo in lurid green & purple

        Steadler Stick 430 20 in purple & green (can only get them at soton students uni)

        And sakura jelly roll in any colour, if they can be found. The craft shop in the marlands has them.

        Oh gods, I’m hopeless!

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