Day 8 in Groningen

Groningen 365 8

Originally uploaded by girlwithtrowel.

Today has been rather productive. I am starting to get stuck into things at work and my computer access etc is starting to work. I also took a detour on my way in to pick up my much anticipated bank card, which means I can now function properly here.

I’m still waiting for a BSN Number though- the equivalent of an NI number, but it should arrive any day now. I don’t really have a lot to say. My new flat is nice and will be nicer once I can get some extra furniture- an IKEA expedition is planned for the very near future. Almost all of the paperwork is filled out for work- I just need my BSN and that will all be fixed, and I’ve arranged for the rest of my stuff to arrive on Friday at the flat, but no idea what time yet. I don’t want to wait in all day for it as I need to come to the city centre to arrange a mobile number and the internet.

I’ll be able to say some more interesting things about the archaeology I’ll be doing after tomorrow when I meet with my boss to discuss my work plan. He’s keen for me to lay out what I plan to do on my own prior research over the next three years as well which I think will be a big help in getting some PhD stuff published at long last. I’m off for drinks with Wieke, the PhD student I’m working very closely with, and Gary, who I know from Antiquist/CAA meetings who is a fellow Brit, so I shall sign off for now, more tomorrow!

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