Birds, boats and chasing the blues away

Groningen 365 12

Originally uploaded by girlwithtrowel.

So as you may have gathered I was a bit stir crazy and homesick by 15:00 today! Matt gave me good advice so I went for a long walk to a pretty park. There are lots of little ponds and lakes basically made of the old outer moat/ canal of the city, with some of the only high ground for miles around- the old walls and defences. I saw cool birds, pretty boats and lots of people on bikes or walking with kids. It was just what I needed. I even got the final bits done on the Malta project when I got back. The Stroopwaffels I bought in town might also have helped, but I am rationing them out!

The shinyphone (I think that name is going to stick) is holding up pretty well as a baby modem but I am a bit worried I’m eating too much data up. Still, work next week = internet access for free, so I think I can hold out until my internet here is switched on. I know I seem like a connection junky, but right now it is what is holding the homesickness at bay. Facebook, despite it’s many flaws is a godsend just now, and twitter is just amazing. Before I forget, happy birthday Mr Fuller for tomorrow, night all!

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