Yesterday’s picture- fishies!

Groningen 365 11

Originally uploaded by girlwithtrowel.

It was market day again yesterday so I decided to do most of my food shop there as I have it on good word that it can be a lot cheaper. I spent the morning pottering around at home reading, going over paperwork and generally making sure I was OK with spending time on my own.

It’s been one of my big fears about coming here. I am notoriously bad at spending time alone and unoccupied. My brain does not tolerate it very well. I get pretty low if I spent too much time with just me and my thoughts. On friday I was a bit scared- my stuff is stuck in Rotterdam and money hadn’t panned out so no stuff to unpack, no books to read, and no chance of going on a trip instead, or spending the weekend building furniture! I’m pretty pleased though, I think I did quite well yesterday. I didn’t get a lot done but I needed a bit of a lie in and a day off, and there was shiny phone to set up 😉

I might post again later if I do make it out of the flat and have a nice photo, otherwise this is your lot until Monday when I can post from work x

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s picture- fishies!

  1. Ugh I totally know what you mean about getting maudlin if left alone with your own thoughts! That’s what the internet is good for, you’re never really alone…

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