Groningen 365 15- lizards, equipment and sneezes

Groningen 365 15

Originally uploaded by girlwithtrowel.

Groningen 365 Day 15…

wow, typing that has made me realise, 15 days! 1 whole week since I officially started my job. 2 whole weeks since I left a rainy Southampton behind…

Today I spent a scarily large sum of money on geophysical equipment for the project, and unpacked my office stuff. This means the army of desk-lizards have been unleashed!

Too tired to blog again. I stayed up ’till 1.30 am yesterday building my furniture, unpacked my cloths and then I unpacked fully when I finally got in tonight ( after I picked up a bike- free from partner of a colleague, but needs an ‘MOT’ so had to walk it home). I am running the laptop off my mobile phone, so will do a proper blog tomorrow after work in the office. I also think I have a cold starting/coming back… and don’t have GP sorted yet :s

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