Groningen 365 16 – and falling off a bike

Groningen 365 16

Originally uploaded by girlwithtrowel.

Well, I had to get it over and done with. Everyone does it sooner or later. Today I had my first, and hopefully last, biking incident. All fine, but the bike I was given is way too big for me. I might have to settle for a kids bike, which will be hard to live down at work!

Today’s picture is of my almost tidy room, and my freshly unpacked stuff! I still need to sort out my clothes, but everything is out of the boxes and vaguely where it is going to live for the next year or so. Sorry for all the boring living space shots but parents very keen to see it! There should be some archaeology tomorrow- I’m visiting an excavation of a Terp site with some colleagues from the GIA so I’ll take plenty of photos. A short one again tonight I am afraid, I’ll attempt to write more coherently tomorrow,


2 thoughts on “Groningen 365 16 – and falling off a bike

  1. Thought I’d left you a message on your Dutch sim…but obviously failed! Glad to see you are more settled – will speak soon! Will it remain this ordered?! xxxxx

  2. I hope so Mum- it’s too small to let it get messy. I might be a reformed character after a few months here! As for voicemail- I don’t think I had set things up properly for people to leave messages, but it should work now :s

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