Day 17- finally some archaeology, a bike and a movie

Yesterday I mooched about at home  then tore myself away from ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ by Patrick Rothfuss (yep, I finally found a copy. Yes, my willpower held out and I finished my re-read of The Name of the Wind before I started) to go and look at some peat archaeology with colleagues. Mans had been asked to go to the site to help select contexts for environmental sampling, and kindly invited me along as he knows about my peaty PhD, and thought I should get to see some Dutch archaeology while I am here.


I took a few photos and will upload them all when I’ve got a better connection. For now I’ve uploaded this one and I suggest you click on it and go to flickr to see it as it has lots of notes and nice explainy things!


My boss kindly agreed I could part exchange the bike he gifted me. After Thursday’s incident I just didn’t feel safe trying to learn the Dutch way of hopping off neatly when you stop. I came home after doing a food shop (yawn- no market goodies this week 😦 ) and read until I finished it. I really liked the book but it had a few odd shifts of pace and…. Style isn’t the right word, perhaps mood? Yeah. Odd shifts of mood. But I like what Rothfuss seems to be doing, riffing on stories and stories within stories, like all the great Epics. So the shifts make sense, from that point of view. I can’t wait to talk about it with Cas and Matt. Cat and Nick had better catch up with the first one!


So that meant a lie-in today. Then I built the last of my stuff from Ikea and set off in search of a smaller bike. Go here if you want to laugh. The best match was a bike for a /very/ girly teenage girl. It’s candy pink. It has flower stickers. Still, no-one is going to want to nick it, I can’t easily loose it and I don’t feel like I am about to topple off it at any second. It needs a name. We’ve had the #evilredbike and the #notsoevilpurplebike … suggestions? #fluffypinkbike?


I was going to come home and surf and blog and maybe start to re-reach Wise Mans Fear, but had an unexpected invite to the cinema, then went for beer. My first sociable Saturday, and rather nice it was too. Rango is really funny. If you liked Blazing Saddles, have any fondness for spaghetti westerns (but don’t mind gentle fun being poked at them) or have read the Preacher series, go see it. I giggled a very great deal. Marriachi owls are only the beginning folks..

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