Spring feels like it has sprung

Groningen 365 26

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Today I have bimbled about enjoying a day off after the somewhat confusing day I had yesterday dealing with the bank. I got up late (going back to sleep turned out to be the wrong plan- I had horrible dreams about excessively large spiders), read the news, chatted to some people on twitter and then made lunch and read a book. Sometimes a girl needs her trashy vampire fiction fix, and the Sookie Stackhouse books work a treat. But they’re done and read in about 2 hours for me! I’m now out of new books, except for some really dense philosophy books my Dad is responsible for. However, unlike him, I don’t consider them a relaxing way to spend my Sundays. So I headed off on the little pink bike to the Noorderplantsoen, to admire the wildlife, the locals and and carpet of crocii (crocuses?) everywhere. They aren’t in this shot though. I took this in my favourite spot, along the old city defence works looking over the ex-moat. I didn’t see any cool birds up close today due to some idiots letting their dog run riot, but I like it nonetheless. It is pretty much the only real hill in the city, along with the rest of the defensive banks.

Caeser III is defeating me, so I might delve into my stash of favourite books that I brought with me. Today has been good. I think it’s the first day I’ve spent here without errands and so forth to run that I haven’t been frothing at the bit for some company or contact from home. It could be the after effects of an amazing week, work-wise, or it could be that I am getting better at this?

2 thoughts on “Spring feels like it has sprung

  1. Sounds like you’re getting better at this, incidentally they’re not ‘really dense’. I could send you some really dense stuff just so that you can appreciate the difference…

  2. once I have read this lot, maybe? Still struggling with the Bachelard. I know you said to stop fretting over every word, but sheesh, the man is verbose. And very French. I might re-start The Crimson Petal and the White instead… it sort of doesn’t count as new as I did get 1/2 way through it…

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