Day 27 and I think I am finally getting the hang of it

I took a picture of myself today but I don’t like pictures of me much (hence not doing a self portrait based 365!) .. I’ll just post the link instead:

I am smiling because I love my job, and the city I am living in. There is still a lot to get used to, like seeing immaculately dressed and made-up women in high heels effortlessly cycling into work, while I get all red-faced and breathless trying to keep up. Tonight I am going to try some ‘haricot beans in tomato sauce’ – this is essentially what the Great British Baked Bean ™ is, though I suspect the experiment won’t be a success. I’m also going to try to buy curry spices as I am craving something with pulses and veggies in it to eat, rather than the endless cheese and carbs people seem to live on here. How are they all so skinny?! So, me and my growing vocabulary are off to food shop. Tonight will be more letter writing. I always like writing letters but before I never seemed to be able to find time. I might also have another attack of the level of Ceaser III that is currently beating me (bloody Gauls!). Today has been emailing our collaborators at Mainz, to thank them for the amazing week, reading papers on terraces and micromorphology and re-familiarising myself with Geoplot. I’m going to do some Dutch learning tonight too. I’m fed up of not being able to join in properly.

(oops! corrected- today is Day 27. Tomorrow I will have been here one month. It doesn’t feel that long :s )

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