Day 34: Summer is coming!

Groningen 365 34

Originally uploaded by girlwithtrowel.

This was the view from my flat when I got in from work. Admittedly, it’s just the other part of the complex of containers but I like being able to see so much sky from my enormous window. Summer time has started and it was so nice to be leaving work at 6 and find it wasn’t ‘evening’ yet.

I am working on a longer post about fiction, archaeology, and why I fell in love with landscapes and prehistory, but I want to try to refine it a bit before I inflict it on you all. My various sneaky means of connecting to the internet are all playing up this evening, which has made things a bit frustrating- it’s taken about half an hour to get this picture onto flickr, and then onto here. However, if all goes to plan my broadband activates tomorrow and then I have fast, unlimited web access at home, which will be bliss. I am trying not to get too excited though, in case it goes wrong!

I’m leaving for Italia on Sunday lunchtime, and will be back on the 19th, the same day Matt arrives(yay!). I might have some limited ‘net access while I am away but we aren’t certain yet. I will be able to tweet no matter what though- you don’t escape my updates altogether 😉

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