Groningen 365 35 and 36

Groningen 365 35

Originally uploaded by girlwithtrowel.

Last night my broadband should have activated. This baleful red light shows you it in fact did not. We rang, they demurred. I ended up giving up and using my 3G dongle to blog.

I rang them again this morning. They sent a man from KPN who said it was simple; they had sent me the wrong connector, and told me to plug things into the wrong socket.

He fixed it. Lights went green. I tried to get online. No luck. I could connect through secure sockets; msn and outlook web and skype worked, but nothing else. Same for my phone.

1 hour with a guy from tech support later, and he concluded it was ‘very strange’. 1 offhand comment from my brother and it was all fixed. My laptop and UK phone were both still thinking in GMT. The server at my ISP understandably isn’t. This lead to it refusing to talk to my non compliant requests as it thought I was something nasty. 1 tiny little setting change, and pow, all online, all seamless.

The lesson? Sometimes it is the simple solution, not one hour of manually flushing various caches and arguing with DNS settings.

I made a video of the container. It is on facebook, and half of it on flickr (due to flickr restrictions). I talked to Jack for about 2 hours, which was really good. I surfed. I feel better!

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