Not a 365 post…

..partly because I have lost track of what number we should be up to.

I arrived back from Italy last night and met Matt at the airport and we got the train to Groningen. We ate Tapas in the end as we were a bit too late to eat at the other places that had been suggested, so we have Moroccan, Italian and Japanese to try out at some point this week. I’ve just pulled all my pictures off my phone and realised I took less ‘tourist’ shots than I thought. I’m not sure I have one for every day I was away either, and didn’t get one yesterday (or today so far!)…. but normal service will resume shortly. We are planning on a lazy evening, and perhaps the Botanic Gardens tomorrow, and Amsterdam on Saturday for my birthday. So far it’s just nice just to show M the city, cook together, talk about books and movies, and laugh despairingly at British politics.

I’ll do a monster Flickr upload (probably tonight) and try to split things up so that those of you that just want nice pictures of the mountains are spared lots of pictures of soil and grid set ups. I’ll also try to do a proper blog (probably tomorrow) describing my adventures in more detail than I was able to tweet. Suffice to say, the people were wonderful, the food great (if a bit substantial), the work frustrating at times but ultimately rewarding and the weather changeable. It’s hotter here today than it was in Calabria on Monday. I am really tired; I didn’t sleep very well the last few nights, and then did a lot of travelling, but I am feeling sorry for the rest of the team who are driving to Rome today, and the rest of the way back at various stages the rest of the week.

The other denizens of the container complex are having an improvised barbecue outside and we’re holed up in my little flat getting used to one-another’s company again. It is really rather nice.

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