Climbing the Martinitoren

Climbing the Martinitoren

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Today I did what I promised myself I would do weeks ago. I climbed the Martini Tower (named for St Martin, not the drink) and took pictures. My Building must be one of the few in they city that can’t been seen from it because of a large block of flats in the way.

In no particular order, I also read one of my favourite books, did a lot of exercises (not including the 97m climb to the top of the tower) and discovered that tight, steep, dark spiral staircases make me somewhat nervous, especially on the way down.

I also put a proper dent in some work on my PhD results that I’ve been hiding from a bit, avoided the rapture and am about to score a second in-bed-before-midnight in a row. Go me!

The only things I didn’t get to do today were speak with Matt (due to work and social commitments on his part) and take pictures of epic quantities of pens for my Dad as a birthday treat. Sorry Dad- the shop with all the pens was shut when I finally got there.

I still haven’t decided what to do with my hair. So far the only votes have been yes for the red. No one is voting blonde…but I usually root for the underdog…

3 thoughts on “Climbing the Martinitoren

  1. Kayt

    Thinking of you as proclaim crashes…again.

    Very desolate here as RTA gone upstairs and a sea of empty desks.

    So glad you are back in Archaeology. Sandi has gone down to 4 days a week.

    For your hair go Dutch – go Orange..? We are having a trip to Amsterdam very shortly – will I like it?

    When are you going to Italy?

    Missing our lunches.


    • Hello James!

      Lovely to hear from you šŸ™‚ proclaim still being wonky? The desk moves have all finally started then? It must be very quiet without the RTA guys. I am really loving the job- it was a scary move but worth it on so many levels. Orange is unfortunately out due to having to at least /look/ respectable for the soprintendenza in Italy! Amsterdam is good but very busy. It’s worth getting a decent guidebook and going off the beaten track. The Amsterdam Historishes museum is really good with plenty of archaeology and really explains the evolution of the city. It’s worth going into one of the tourism offices where you can get maps and leaflets for self guided history walks in the city- we did one that took us from the Anne Frank Huis to the Museum of the Dutch Resistance- both museums are fascinating and well worth a visit, and the walk between them took us to parts of the city we wouldn’t have otherwise seen, and taught us a lot about what happened there under the occupation.

      How long are you staying? You NEED to go and eat the apple pie at a cafe called ‘Winkel’ which is in the same square as the Noorderkirk (the Noordermarkt) – it’s just north of the Jordaan and you should see it easily on a city map, to the South and West of the main station. If you can avoid the really tacky bits (the Damrack, and the red light district) then it’s an amazing city that has enough things to see and do for a few weeks šŸ™‚

    • Oh, and Italy is in July. I’ve already been once, in April- there are pictures up on my flickr (there should be a link on here somewhere). If it works out, we could meet up when you come over and have lunch? The apple pie place mentioned above is world famous. It is simply the best in the world. I go everytime I got to Amsterdam!

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