One hundred days and counting!

Groningen 365 100

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Hello folks. It’s been a little while since I last posted and in that time I’ve passed my 100th day milestone!

I actually passed it in grand style- Mum had come to visit (hi Mum!) for a few days, which was nice, but while she was here there was a big science and art festival in the city. We spent an evening going to talks (like this one by Kees Moeliker), taking part in art/science fusion events and hunting across the city for molecules! I love living in a city that puts events like this on- there is something happening here all the time, if you choose to go and take part, or there are excellent gigs, art house films, or exhibitions to go and see. I was really impressed with how many people my age and younger turned out; it wasn’t seen as being ‘just for geeks’ but something the whole city seemed to have turned out for.

The language is getting there too which I think is helping. I have a rudimentary vocabulary now which means I can get the gist of discussions, do shopping, read adverts and so forth which is helping. But the grammar is just not coming at all, so I think I am going to try to arrange some lessons.

Last time I wrote it was sort of about some issues of mood and so forth I’ve been having. It’s still lurking around but I’m doing well with planning and my paper diary and so forth, so I feel more on top of it.

We’ve just hit the peak planning stage for our next fieldwork in July as well, which helps. There is no time to sit and worry or be blue! Busy is good đŸ™‚

I’m off back to the UK for a few days next week, the straight to Germany to meet with the team at Mainz we are working with, then back here for about a week, then off to glorious Calabria for almost all of July.

I said I was going to try to write something cogent about the EH agenda/framework stuff, but if I can’t make sense of it I doubt I can distil it on here very well. I’ll aim for a more archaeological and less chatty post before next week…

It’s my fantastic brother’s birthday today! (or maybe it isn’t any more as Georgia is 5 hours ahead). Happy Birthday again Bro!

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