Little Update without a clever title

Southampton 365 115 a video by girlwithtrowel on Flickr.

I’m going to blog twice today (I hope). I’ve got something brewing about the ‘bunny hugger’ issue- for those friends and family not archaeologically inclined, earlier this week a conservative council leader spoke about plans to scrap archaeological requirements in development planning in the fens as of the 1st of July. This is a bit of a problem, but I’ll save that for the second post.

This post is just a wee what-I-am-up-to for the less archaeology minded readers out there 🙂

So, Mum came to stay and we had a lovely time, then I went back to work for a little while, and then I went back to the UK for a short break. It was hectic but wonderful, filled with good friends, family, food, going to the pub, doing cool archaeology things and generally hanging out with the people I love.

One of the more awesome things we did was go and make some noises inside West Kennet Long Barrow to see what happened, in a very un-scientific attempt at doing some Aural Archaeology. Me and Colin have been planning this since our undergraduate days so it was good to finally make it happen, and a repeat (possibly with more science 😉 ) is planned for later in the year.

The video is of Colin playing his ‘didge’ (yep, I know we’ve got no evidence for them. I don’t own a sine wave generator and it was a short cut to low frequency sound, OK? Plus it sounded amazing!)


The ever wonderful @felisferalis recorded our adventure with her camera, and there is a set here on flickr.


We went to see our colleagues in Mainz the day after I got back from the UK- a really good two days with important meetings about potential collaborations (caves! lidar! chemistry!) and a most excellent BBQ for the whole geoarchaeology group. I also got to catch up with Knut, who I last saw last summer in Malta which was nice. Since we got back I’ve been figthing with the geophysics report from the April campaign- I’m off back down to Italy on Friday and if it’s not done before I go I’ll be kicking myself all summer. I suspect my boss will be too!


I’ll be in Italy from 1st to 24th July. As last time, we’re staying in the lovely village or Cerchiara di Calabria at the Ostello Communale. This means I won’t have much internet access, but my UK phone was working fine and dandy last time, so I’m contactable in emergencies.


In other news, I bought my first pair of £100+ hiking boots today. I am so happy! They were so comfy straight away! The pair I bought that saw me through my MSc and PhD were cheap, and just about lasted but they were too narrow and frequently gave me blood-blisters on the sides of my feet, so I am hoping for a pain-free summer. Now I just need to get sunblock, some light shirts and some shorts without metal bits…. and finish the damn report. However, the bunny gate thing is rather important so I’m determined to make time to write about that tonight too, so, till later folks!

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