By way of an explanation

Groningen 365 200

Originally uploaded by girlwithtrowel.

This was my 200th 365 picture.

It is by odd coincidence that this came to be. Recently, my dad and my brother and me have been having a discussion. Last time we were all together, Jack and I teased Dad for being more than a bit odd. He’s been robustly defending his oddness to us, or rather, oddness in general.

I am not sure how, but in one email he linked to these amazing pictures from the Japanese subway, talking about how they were odd, but also spoke volumes about modern life, cities and what they do to the people who live in them.

The photographer is Michael Wolf, and by strange coincidence, his images feature in a photography festival, Noorderlicht 18, which is being held here this month and next. The posters are everywhere so I got a startling sense of deja vu when I saw the very recognisable picture of the woman above in Dad’s link.

He later found out about the festival before I had consciously made the connection, and suggested I snap the poster as my 200th picture.

I’m very glad about this serendipity. I like photography and I am interested (enough to be attempting a 365 project) but I rarely consume photography- going to exhibitions and such, but I am really interested in the theme of this one, the metropolis. I am going to go and spend and indulgent day looking at the work of people far more talented than me when I get back from Turkey. I was pleased I thought to frame this with the town hall in the background, rather than just the poster on its own. I hope it is a ‘better’ shot, but the picture of the lady just blows me away. There is something very arresting about it; something about the light and how here eyes are obscured: seeing but not seeing. It is very bleak.

I am determined to blog the ISAP conference this time around, but I might not have the internet while I am away, so there might be a hefty geophysics related post in about ten days.

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